acne scars
A scar has the possibility to develop when there is any sort of break in the skin. Scar tissue is often the result of most cuts, and scraps that take place on the human body. Some marks do not leave lasting scars because of cell turnover, and the skin’s ability...
Hair Care Line

Hair Care Line

Hello, I received this week from O Boticário 4 products of the line Take care for hair: Thermoactivated Cream, Combing Spray, Shampoo and Conditioner. Ideal to...
Skin Care at Any Age

Skin Care At Any Age

Throughout the different stages of your life, your skin goes through many changes. What worked in your twenties, may not work any longer in...
Different Skin Types

Different Skin Types – How to Take Care of Them?

The market is buzzing with different skincare products. However, are there skincare products for a different skin type? well, yes! You can find plenty of products...
Home 1

Hair Treatments for Dry Hair – 7 Cool Tips

Dry hair deals with more dangers of damage. There are numerous treatments particularly when it concerns hair care products, however the fact is that...
Green Tea Benefits For Weight Loss

Green Tea Benefits For Weight Loss

Green tea benefits are many. It’s not new to the world. In fact, it has been around for thousands of years, especially in Asia. How...
Home Remedy For Wrinkles

Take Easy Home Remedy For Wrinkles – Get Effective Results

Instead having the fight against wrinkles with different forms of skin care treatment and different beauty products. Isn’t it better go through some effective home remedy...
Hair Loss Causes

Hair Loss Causes – Why my hairs are falling out?

Various hair loss causes There are various causes that lead to hair loss. It is quite normal that most of the people will shed 50...
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