About Us

Go Beauty World was set with one mission: to inspire individuals around the globe to express their unique beauty. We desired to completely reevaluate the way you experience beauty, making it 100% about YOU.

The beauty world wasn’t necessarily like this. Back in the day, an elite circle of authorities called all of the shots. Magazine editors, celebrities, supermodels and billion-dollar corporations dictated the rules, the looks, and also the trends. And we all followed along because that is precisely what you did.

After which YouTube happened. For the very first time ever, beauty fans from around the world were expressing themselves–candidly sharing everything from their beauty struggles for their own blowout methods throughout video. Communities began to pop up around theseā€ creators”–the fresh; energizing personalities who never told you what to do…they simply gave you a glimpse into their world and abandoned yours way more beautiful.

One of these had been Michelle Phan, who played a very big part in beginning the founder Movement. She had been brave. She was genuine. She inspired so many folks to reevaluate attractiveness, for example Marcelo Camberos and Jennifer Goldfarb who dreamt up Go Beauty World at 20-16. Their goal was revolutionary–to democratize beauty, making it affordable and accessible for everyone and fearlessly re-presenting identity and inclusivity within a industry which was once the total opposite.

That is the way the Go Beauty World Glam Bag came into lifetime. Together with five goods Personalized for you–and also videos, articles, and more about gobeautyworld.com–you are free to test out new things and state who you’re. Go Beauty World Shopper takes our mission into the next level by earning beauty more accessible, more rewarding, and more straightforward than ever before. Sufficient reason for Go Beauty World Gen Beauty, Open Studios, along with all the creator content which we place every day, our goal has remained exactly the same: to provide every individual the tools to create their particular definition of beauty.

Once you’re part of something big–a community that’s Leaving the principles behind and making exceptional beauty a real thing. And we will be with you all of the way.