ACNE SCARS- Eliminating Scars That Are Caused From Acne

acne scars
acne scars

A scar has the possibility to develop when there is any sort of break in the skin. Scar tissue is often the result of most cuts, and scraps that take place on the human body.

Some marks do not leave lasting scars because of cell turnover, and the skin’s ability to regenerate itself. When it comes to the question, how to get rid of acne scars, there’s no quick answer. They’re a few home remedies that may reduce the appearance of a scar. A cosmetic procedure might be needed if there is an inability to find a tactic for scar reduction that works.

How To Get Rid Of Acne Scars With Exfoliation

Exfoliation helps get rid of dead skin cells that accumulate and block pores. This can prevent future acne, thus preventing future acne scars. Exfoliation also serves another useful purpose that helps it get rid of acne scars that may already be present on the skin. When exfoliation takes place, the cells of the skin are stimulated to produce collagen.

Collagen promotes cell turnover, the very thing that gets rid of scar tissue. Plus, collagen improve elasticity. An improvement in elasticity can help the appearance of scars that are raised or lowered. It’s also said that a slight irritation to the skin speeds up the healing process; and can remind the body that a certain part of the skin needs restoration.

Ways To Exfoliate

A scrubber, or facial sponge is usually good enough to turnover dead cells and make room for new ones. Individuals who’re suffering from severe acne scars might want to try a method of exfoliating skin that’s a little more invasive. Running a razor over the skin is an effective way to exfoliate it deeply. Microdermobrasion needles are used with success by many women.

Coa Coa Butter, Olive Oil

Oils condition the skin. When the skin is dry and rough, scars tend to become more apparent. The same thing can be noticed when someone’s in a cold room. Their scars will turn purple and raised. Olive oil, and other essential oils work to improve the elasticity of the skin; which can help your scar appear smaller.


The acid that’s present in lemon can have a lightening affect on the skin. If the scar present on an individual is of a darker skin color then their natural skin, this will help reduce the appearance. Hydrogen peroxide will work much the same way, but isn’t a safe option for those looking for a gentle, and effective treatment.

A Cosmetic Procedure

Acne scars can be removed through laser treatment. With any sort of medical procedure, they’re side effects. The side effects of laser treatment to get rid of acne include pain, redness, bleeding, and swelling. This is only a short example of side effects that could take place after treatment.

Getting Rid Of The Scar

Some experts insist that scars can’t be removed. They can heal though, that’s a fact. Taking care of a scar means giving it an environment that promotes the healing process through cell turnover, and elasticity. If a patient can manage that, there won’t be scars present for much longer.


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