Know About Our Different Skin Types

Know About Our Different Skin Types

According to the different skin types its better to know about the idea which can prevent their relative problem whether they are caused by genetically, seasonal and other symptoms. Discussion related to this matter is highly valuable as for as its solution is concern.

1. Normal Skin

Normal Skin type is special type in a sense, that it is blessed in many ways because it has hardly more swear problematic area.

Normal Skin

It may not cause too much in perfection and having low rate of sensitivity. So it is not difficult to handle.

In this type pores are usually visible. This Impact leaves a glowing shiny and radiant the fact on the skin. So the house of beauty is ready to attract other at one glance.

Only one issue can be created for normal skin if you use such kinds of beauty products which caused hormonal disturbance in the body. Least risk should be taken while using different beauty brands. Awareness about sensitivity level to wards the different beauty brands is highly considered.

2. Dry skin

In dry skin there are bundle of problems. The most prominent problems are redness, invisible lines, dull and ruff skin. These problems can create dull look which directly your personality all walk of your life.

Dry skin

Beauty conscious people love to rule the beauty world they can’t ignore these problems

Most prominent Feature of dry skin

Cracked skin having different type of patches, starching and uneven skin creates scaly and itchy feeling on your different part of body especially on your face hand, legs and arms. These problem become worse when you are having genetically, seasonal sincerity, aging and hormonal disturbances. Sensitivity occurs from sun shine cold wind that put visible changes on your skin.


  • Beauty brands should be use with care because ingredients in beauty soaps, cosmetics may irritate the skin.
  • Excess hot bath must be controlled.
  • Keep you home temperature at your convenience level.


  • Selection of beauty brands can solve the half of problems because they may work better in form of moisturizing and soft mild soaps according to your requirements.
  • Use gloves while driving and using different detergents.
  • Gentle and rich beauty products having more moisturized should be recommended during and after bath.

3. Oily and Acne skin

This type of skin may be the most challenging type of skin. It becomes worse when you are living In such climate where humidity level is high.

Climatically changes put a bad impact because with having these worse affect you can easily be the victim of pimples and large range of acne problems.

Your beauty may affect by this easily. You don’t have a better position in beauty world because you are lacking fresh and clear glowing skin.

Preventions & Remedies

  • Best beauty brands can give you a better assistance if you chose them wisely.
  • Hormonal changes and stress put imbalances.
  • Excess sweating causes pimples.
  • Avoidance from hydration.
  • To much cleansing and scrubbing is dangerous.


Wishing is the best way to get rid from oily look at once. Some other measures are helpful in this as follow.

  • Daily or twice washing according to your requirements.
  • Chose beauty products related to your skin type wisely.
  • Don’t touch and rub consciously and unconsciously.
  • Cleansing and scrubbing must be done according to your convenience level.

4. Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is mostly affect because of health issues, seasonal changes and hormonal ups and downs. If you are having such type of skin then first of all you have to identify your problem elements.

Sensitive skin

Different beauty bars, large rang of beauty products may harm you. They are using different nature of ingredients. So before using any beauty product be sure about their upcoming results. You may feel burning and dryness from direct sun light. Smoking can also put bad impact on your skin. Avoidance from these reasons may give you a better assistance to lesser their harmful impacts.

Common and authentic skin care remedies

There are some common and authentic skin care remedies which are equally important for every type. These precautions are reluctant from the skin type. Beauty houses always taking such measure while launching beauty products to satisfied the world of beauty.

Basic precautions for skin care

  • Using heavy sun screen products which protects you from UVA and UVB rays.
  • Smoking should be strictly avoid.
  • Take such measures that save you from direct sun light. Use of sun glasses, gloves and caps are better options.
  • Gentle showering and bathing on safe side is recommended.
  • Go to bed without makeup.
  • Less use of beauty products expect of moisturizing lotions or creams.

If you have taken the necessary precautions for skin care, then it is your first step towards real beauty.

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