Home Remedies For Dark Circles – What Are the Causes and Cures?

Home Remedies Reducing Black Circles

Now days a busy life style is adopting mostly all over the world. Due to such life style the thing which is badly affected is our weak connection with nature. As far as we are going far away from nature. Our skin problems become multiple. Different skin types have different problems and treatments at the same time. Easy home remedies for dark circles are always there to get rid from these hectic type of problems.


The clear change in colour under the eyes is the most prominent feature of dark circles. Insufficient sleeping duration, unhealthy diet, facing direct sun light, stressing environment and visible bags under the eyes are the main symptoms.


  • Lacking of sleeping time
  • Unbalance diet
  • Stress
  • Inherited Dark circles around in
  • Direct interaction to sun
  • Medical Issues, Like Allergies, asthma, eczema
  • Different Issues related to Pregnancy
  • Problems created because of blood vessels below the skin which are more visible.
  • Seasonal problems usually seen in African and Asian people.

Conventional Cures

Conventional Cures include:
  • For dark circles due to thin skin: Use of Vasoconstricting creams
  • For dark circles due to pigmentation: light therapy, laser and bleaching techniques4

Most Effective Home Remedies

1.Rose water

Rose water

Rose water is the God gifted naturally available ingredient. To remove dark circles, you just need to take 2 cotton pads dip in rose water. Before using them on your closed eyes make sure that they are chilled well. This home remedy for dark circle feel you relax and comfortable.

2. Potato


For the instant minimization of dark circle. The use of three things   like chilled juice of  1 potato, a tsp of lemon juice and a tsp 0f tomato juice together give you an instant lighten effect .your prominent puffiness start reducing. This home remedy for dark circle is easy to practice.

3. Cucumber


Miracle can happen; it can be easily seen by using cucumber as a home remedy for dark circle. The mixture of 1 large grated chilled Cucumber juice and 2 table spoon of Aloe Vera gel perfectly refrigerated is ready for a gentle message under eyes. Wait after over night.

4. Tea Bags

Tea Bags

This is the perfect home remedy for dark circles. You just need 2 tea bags of green tea which boiled at least for 15 minutes. After strain it keeps the tea bags in to the freezer for another 15 minutes. When they become chilled enough keep them on your closed eyes and wait for 10 minutes until you feel the real soothing effect. The presence of antioxidants can minimize the puffiness.

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