Hair Care Line

Hair Care Line
Hair Care Line

Hello, I received this week from O Boticário 4 products of the line Take care for hair: Thermoactivated Cream, Combing Spray, Shampoo and ConditionerIdeal to be carried in the bag and applied during sun exposure, the Thermoactivating Cream wires three times brighter and twice as hydrated *. Its formula has shea butter and panthenol. Sunflower extract and vitamin E, also present in the formula, act as antioxidants, helping to protect against UV rays. The product does not require rinsing.

Another superpractic product that can accompany the woman during the day is the Spray to Combing, which untances the wires instantaneously * without weighing the wires, besides guaranteeing protection against dryness. It can be used alone or in conjunction with the Thermoactivated Cream.

To complement the daily care with the yarns in the summer, Take Care Well still launches Shampooe Conditioner. Both are free of salt, have protection against ultraviolet rays and conditioning ingredients that guarantee softness and hydration to the wires.


Tips to keep your hair healthy at high temperatures

  • Abuse of hats, caps and products that protect the wires from the sun’s rays and keep your hair always clean.
  • When leaving the sea and the pool, rinse the hair thoroughly, avoiding damage to the wires caused by salinity and elements used to treat pool water.
  • The choice of a shampoo and conditioner of good quality and suitable for your hair type is the first step, as well as the use of hair masks that have sun protection factor.
  • It is okay for the heat to hang on the locks, but only if it is dry and moisturized. In summer, moisture makes the wires more brittle and the habit of holding them wet can result in damage to the structure of the wires.


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