Hair Loss Causes – Why my hairs are falling out?

Hair Loss Causes
Hair Loss Causes

Various hair loss causes

There are various causes that lead to hair loss. It is quite normal that most of the people will shed 50 to 100 hairs on a daily basis. As there will be around 100,000 hairs in the scalp, this daily loss will not have any impact on the overall hair density. The hair becomes thinner with the increase in age. If you are subjected to medical treatment or if there is any hormonal deficiency, there will be hair loss.

Hair loss due to hormonal factors

The baldness is very much prevalent through hereditary means. It is termed as male-pattern baldness and female-pattern baldness. If the hair loss happens due to hormonal deficiency, it is likely to affect at puberty stage. If there is a deficiency in sex hormones, the loss of hair will be permanent.

It is also possible that hair loss will be temporary due to hormonal imbalance. During the stages of pregnancy, childbirth, menopause and while using the child control pills, temporal hair loss is witnessed in most of the women.

Effect of medical conditions of hair loss

There are a number of medical conditions that might contribute to hair loss. Thyroid gland plays an important role in the human body. It will regulate the production of various hormones. If the gland is dysfunctional, hair loss will occur.

If you observe hair loss which happens in round and smooth patches, it can be termed as Alopecia areata. If you suffer from some kind of infection, the scalp will be affected. Ringworm present in the scalp will be the cause for such kind of issues. You should take treatment for the scalp so that the infection will be subsided. As soon as the infection subsides, there will be natural hair growth. Certain kinds of skin disorders will attribute to hair loss. If there is scar, there might be permanent hair loss. Some of the typical examples are Lichen Planus and Lupus.

Hair loss due to medications

If you undergo treatment for certain kinds of diseases, you will be exposed to powerful medications. The drugs used for treating such diseases include cancer, depression, arthritis, heart problems and high blood pressure.

The hair loss is also linked with the physical or emotional shock that you might experience in your life. If there is sudden physical change such as weight gain, it might lead to hair loss. Similarly, if there is a death in the family, it will lead to emotional agony and the consequence will reflect on your hair. You should understand the fact that the hair loss might not be happening instantly but it might take a few weeks or a few months as well.

Hair loss can also occur due to certain kinds of hair styles. You should not go for tight hair styles such as pigtails and cornrows. If you suffer from a hair – pulling disorder, you are prone to pull hair without any control. If the hair is pulled from the scalp, it will leave empty spots on the head. You should also maintain a healthy lifestyle to preserve hair on a long term basis.


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